Monday, 20 September 2010

Rhythm Records mural

Rhythm Records is one of the first,if not the first punk rock record shop in Athens.Its totally sweet and you should pay a visit to check the mural or even better buy some fresh vinyls.Its situated somewhere at the end of Emmanoyil Mpenaki in Exarchia.
this summer we got commisioned to do this mural..and we Fuckin love it..



lupe screenprinted poster

this weeks project is designed by one of our very own ..
olivia skalkos is an amazing illustrator based somewhere between London's big smoke and Athens ashes..She is our newest recruit and we are stoked to have her with us in our collective.
It comes in various color combinations.
red ink on off-white recycled(made out of seaweed) paper
red ink on black rubber paper
gold ink on off-white recycled paper
edition of ...a few
screenprinted by this/heart/is/a/pipebomb collective @ ΕΔΩ,2010
It's awesome and you should get your hands on one of the prints while they last.
peace and love
john,peio and ollie

new despite everything tote bags

this piece of beauty comes in black and red printσ on off-white canvas(yes that is vegan) bags..
perfect for your vinyls,fruits and shit..
screenprinted by this/heart/is/a/pipebomb collective @ ΕΔΩ 2010
designed by kkruku and D.E. (
edition of 100,so far..

Thursday, 9 September 2010


so this is the infamous lightbox..and this is how it looks when the lights are glows and shines..

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

j's lightbox project

J is a good friend of mine..
a couple months ago he came over to my house and gave me this old lightbox he found somewhere downtown Athens.
Almost a year after,here it is,screenprinted and on its way to an exhibition somewhere in Thesaloniki.Super limited print.stoked.
black ink,screenprinted on a lightbox
edition of 1,
printed by peio & john at cball workshop