Monday, 14 February 2011

What we do..

Today was a slow day in the studio.
no printing.just bumming around.
new poster in the vain of the legendary crass.
If you do not know crass,
then,there must be something wrong with you.

Vodka juniors T's

No comment.
Everybody knows the great Vodka Juniors
and everybody knows John's Beer belly.
both priceless.
T's for theVJ upcoming greek tour..
check their myspace for tour dates.

Lucky Funeral T's

Lucky Funeral is the shit..
they play awesome shows
and they are great guys too..
these are their new T's,designed
by demon,and printed by us..
Super cool!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

"Demon's" new limited edition poster.

silver-ish silver on black paper.
limited edition of 27.
to get your hands on one of these babies..

Agelakas tee's II

Agelakas tee's

If you know him you know that he is a legend in Greece..
If you dont,you where born in the 90's.
oh well!

Psarokokalo film festival

not 1,not 2 but 400 of these babies..

Full face tee's

black and purple print on white tee's
for the local hip hop heroes full face.


black ink on khaki tee's.