Friday, 24 December 2010


for the guys at 6 D.O.G.S

I want you dead T's

for their upcoming euro tour.
2 layers/rasterize

Astpai Limited Edition Greek tour Pics

Astpai is on of the hardest working bands in Europe.
With razor sharp lyrics,incredibly catchy riffs
and sing along punk rock songs they play music with passion
from their heart.
A couple weeks ago,they toured Greece with Despite Everything to
promote their latest record "Heart to Grow"
and popped by our studio and printed their own shirts,
with a bit of help from us.
We love these guys and their T's are awesome.

WAK Tote bags

Tote bags for the "World's Appreciated Kitsch"

Katarameno Syndromo T's

Katarameno Syndromo (Cursed Syndrome) is a d.i.y. collective
in Athens,Greece situated in a smokey dirty basement that organize the best punk,garage,
crust,whatever concerts ever.
check them out and go and twist a leg at their gigs
"sifis the boxer" in collaboration with Thisheart printed these lovelies.
model/"sifis the boxer"

Deep Inside Tote bags

Deep Inside.
Limited edition Tote bags for Six D.O.G.S's Deep Inside Party.

My turn T's

This is the "My turn" Tee shirts.
My turn is an excellent hardcore band from Athens,Greece
in the vains of "what happens next" and "Life's Halt".
The design is Rad..octopuses rule!
Demon from This Heart is a Pipebomb designed it.