Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sun of Nothing T's

If you haven't heard of Sun of Nothing,you should..
If you haven't met Elias,their singer,you shouldn't..
This is their new Tee..
7 years bad luck..

crucifier T's

Thrash,high top nike's and cheap beer.
This is the new Crucifier Tee.
Enjoy and headbang till your head hurts.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Athens fixed gear t's

Sophia is one of our favorite local artists..
She is a punk rocker..
and she rides horses..
this is her design for the new Athens fixed gear T's.(
Grab one of these beauties wherever you see them..
they come in three different colour variations
Heather grey Tshirt-black print
Natural-black print
Baby blue-pink print.
ride bikes/create art/kill cops

Dead lady

edition of a few.
4 screens
gold/light blue/red/beige
on black photographic paper.
illustration by peio
designed and printed @thisheartisapipebomb
custom screenprinting workshop